Breathable Protection Systems

Product Overview /Breathable Protection Systems


Our filter and buffer fleece without the PE film also known as no-foil-nonwoven covering and Plasterers-Cover known. FP50-1 is a 3 times needled, and with melting fibers embedded type with thermally fused recycled fibers. It is generally used for covering outdoor and under scaffolding/frame areas, as a filter for the vaporized dirt and remnants of plaster or used as cover indoor to protect the soil from dry mortar, plaster and dust.

  • thermally fixed, resulting in high abrasion resistance, less lint and fiber flights, higher mechanical protection and reusable
  • High cotton fiber content, thereby absorbing liquid
  • low cost cover against dry dirt as of falling plaster and mortar.
  • 100% breathable / diffusion open
  • simple base cover for scaffoldings/frames
  • good buffer function to transport goods, it enables the damage-free delivery of goods.
  • „Made in Germany“
  • Our filter and buffer fleece is rolled out in tracks and secured with tape as needed to be connected. FP50-1 provides efficient short time coverage on small and large areas, mechanical protection against falling tools, mortar or plaster.

      Technical Data:

    • Material: 100% pre-washed and recycled fibers with ultra-high temperature melting fiber supplement
    • Dimensions: 50m x 1m roll, 12 rolls / pallet
    • Weight: 250 gr / m²
    • Color: Gray