Product description

Protection with vapor barrier /Product description

Hammerproof Superfelt - item number HSV25-1PE

Our 3- layer Hammerproof superfelt, with embedded melting and thermally fused recycled fibers, the entire bottom surface on which a PE-Virgin Anti Slip Foil is laminated, on the top site of the surface is a pe laminated mesh ensuring less color irritation and makes it easier for broom- and vacuum cleaning. High protection with 850g/m² on dry floors against damages from fork lifts and scaffolds. HSV is very flexible and can be easily shaped with a scissor around corners and edges. Also fast application give a good feeling an the job site. The anti slip pe foil on the bottom of the material is a vapor barrier and ensures that no liquids ca penetrate the floor.

  • very tough, so can be used over a long term also drivable with forklifts an scaffolds
  • 100% Vapor Barrier
  • safe money trough fast installation and reusability
  • high mechanical protection, hammerproof
  • thermally fused recycled fibers minimizes fiber flight
  • easy cleanable
  • easy to shape with scissor
  • „Made in Germany“
  • Hammerproof Superfelt is rolled out in lanes with the foil faces down and secured with tape as needed to be connected. HSV grants mechanical protection in a short time on small and large areas, against falling tools and protects the floor from moisture paint and solvents

      Technical Data:

    • Material: 100% pre-washed and ultra-high temperature manufacturing process for recycled fibers including melt fiber supplements, gray none recycled polyethylene foil (thinner and solvent resitant), white polypropylene top barrier
    • Dimensions: 25m x 1m roll, 9 rolls / pallet
    • Weight: 850 gr / m²
    • Color: Gray
    • video