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Overview Products

adhesive agent Natural Stone Pro - item number ONP20

Our natural stone surface compatible adhesive agent Natural Stone Pro allows you to paste a number of floors, steps, stairs and ledges, quickly and easily with the appropriate covering material. We recommend our step profile "Hammerfest Staircase " and laying the ground "Hammerfest Extra ". After a short installation time of the agent, the covering can be applied and secured to the delicate surface even over a longer period of time. Construction site soils are protected quickly and safely.

  • PH-neutral, therefore compatible with natural stones and can be used on almost any surface
  • good adhesive effect, allows a stable stand
  • easy processing and application on surfaces, steps, ledges and floors
  • saves time because of quick preparation
  • easy to use even over a longer period of time
  • easily removable with water
  • Surface-bonding agent in a ratio of 1 / 100 with cold water. Stir the powder water mixture up, and do so again after 30 minutes. Contact agent is now ready to use, us a brush and apply agent generously on pull-and pressure-resistant, permanently dry, crack- dirt- dust--and particle- free and clean surface. Now place the Hammerfest profile on the surface, allow the agent 120 minutes to dry. After the period of covering simply pull off Hammerfest. Clean the surface with a wet cloth and wipe it dry. Natural Stone Pro grants a total safeguard in a short time on stairs, edges, ledges, small and large and sensitive surfaces. Sustainable protection for the covered surface is given. Because of the variety of different surfaces and in particular untreated, unsealed and absorbent surfaces and generally before use of the adhesive agent and do several pre-trial bonds with Natural Stone Pro!

      Technical Data:

    • Ingredients: carboxymethylcellulose, starch
    • Mixing ratio: 100ml water/1 gram surface adhesive Stone Pro
    • Do not use below +15 ° C
    • PH 7.2 / Dilutable and removable with water
    • package weight: 20gr.
    • Storage and Disposal Instructions Store it child safe, dry, well sealed and in cool conditions. Dried material can be disposed of with household waste or as construction waste. Waste code no. EWC 080 414
    • Application video