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Protective Floor Guardian Hammerproof Extra - item number VPHX120-80

Our protection-plate HAMMERFEST EXTRA is a high density thermally fixed RCF existing in approx. 4 millimeter weight of 1400 gr. / m², nonwoven fiber board. This product allows the user to have an extremely high traffic on base floors and surfaces against high mechanical effects such as frames, trucks, forklifts, hand lift trucks and general heavy traffic or impact on shooters. His hard and robust nature, gives the processor the advantage that VPHX120x80 can be installed with little effort on large areas to move quickly and easily on the surface while protecting lasts save and as long as needed. HAMMER FEST EXTRA is easy to form and handle like cut with a cutter or scissors, so you can adapt and fit it around edges and corners. With a large time saving and a absolute low-cost alternative to particleboard or OSB plates on felt mats.

  • very strong, hence very high durability and makes floors of all kinds passable for trucks / lorries / heavy goods vehicles
  • Extremely high mechanical protection
  • 100% breathable / open for diffusion
  • easy to handle and get in shape with a cutter or scissors
  • Cost savings through reuse
  • the plates enable fast installation
  • „Made in Germany“
  • Our protective ground-laying plate HAMMER FEST are flush mounted side by side and can be secured with tape to be connected. A full-scale robust protection for all types of surfaces against mechanical damage in the interior occurs.

      Technical Data:

    • Material: 100% pre-washed and recycled fibers with ultra-high temperature melting fiber supplement
    • Dimensions: 120cm x 80cm plate, 200 pc./pallet
    • Weight: Grammatur 1400gr/m²
    • Color: grey / dark colored