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Stone protection mat/Marble Cover - item number SSV50-1

Our stone protection mat SSV/Marble Cover made for all sensitive and highly sensitive natural stone floors, meets the essential criteria for the sustainable protection of freshly installed and laid natural stone and breathing / evaporating surfaces (up to 4 weeks). SSV is due its breathable nature, the perfect solution to high valuable floors surfaces to prevent abnormal pigmentation and water stains on marble floors to assure the mortar and adhesive moisture can evaporate through the fabric and has a long dwell on the stone surface.

  • breathable, the permeable nature of the web allows the surface to dry easily without leave to abnormal pigmentation or water stains
  • by impact of down falling parts like tools etc. excellent mechanical protection
  • No color irritation the environment by the white color of the web
  • slip through microporous bubbles with anti-slip granules, those verify a stable stand
  • Cost saving through reuse
  • „Made in Germany“
  • Our stone protection SSV fleece/Marble Cover is rolled out with the granular side down and secured with tape as needed to connect overlap track (never use adhesive tapes straight on natural stone floors). The SSV granted fast covering in a short time on small or even large size of natural stone floors, providing mechanical protection against falling parts such as tools etc. and secure a safe drying period of the surface without leaving abnormal pigmentation or water stains behind.

      Technical Data:

    • Material: cotton/Polyester breathable, non-slip granules
    • Dimensions: Roll 50m x 1m, 1m x 25m, 12/24 rolls / pallet
    • Weight: Grammatur 360gr/m²
    • Color: white / light colored