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Step- and Stairprotection Hammerproof - item number HFT1-46

Our 2 - layer step profile Hammerfest Staircase, is a non-woven fiber profile, consisting of high density, thermally fixed recycled fibers and a full area of lattice type of barrier is laminated with a mesh grille plastic. With its very high basis weight from 850gr/m² allows the user to protect, steps and stairs in front of high mechanical effects such as shocks and heavy traffic. Its elastic and firm texture, STH1-46 provides the processor with little effort (with the cutter or scissors) to adjust it around corners and recesses. The profiles format is 17 x 29 cm and perforated on the bending edge and is therefore suitable for all common stair dimensions. In conjunction with our adhesive surface Natural Stone Pro "Hammerfest Staircase" is the optimal solution of stair protection at every construction site. The laminated mesh plastic increases the barrier effect for liquids such as dirt water and paint. The mesh also ensures that you can broom- and vacuum clean the surface easily.

  • very strong, hence very high durability
  • Very high mechanical protection
  • Cost savings through reuse and simple, fast installation
  • 100% breathable / open for diffusion
  • fixable with ONP natural stone asdhesive
  • very high punch through tensile strength, very light handling with a cutter or scissors to get mat in right shape to fit everwhere
  • „Made in Germany“
  • The stair step profile Hammerfest will be installed after pretreatment the stair surface with the adhesive agent Natural Stone Pro. Just fold the perforated edge and place the profile on the stair. Let it sit and dry for about 120 minutes, after that a high mechanical protection to all types of stairs is granted.

      Technical Data:

    • Material: 100% pre-washed and recycled fibers with ultra-high temperature melting fiber supplement Polyethylenterephtalat
    • Dimensions: 1m x 46cm with folded edge in 17cm, 30pc./Carton, 300St./Pallet
    • Weight: Grammatur 850gr/m²
    • Color: black / dark colored
    • Application video